How to Find Your Creative Rhythms

This September is a powerful month for intention and new rituals, with two New Moons, a seasonal shift to Autumn, and a beautiful Singing Moon.
How to Find Your Creative Rhythms by Hillary Rain

What happens when a writer doesn't write? When a maker doesn't make? When a dancer stops dancing?

You know.

We all know.

We know because we've done it—stopped being who we are because we life got in the way, we ran out of money, time, energy or inspiration, or it was simply too tender to bear. The pain, too heavy. We got overwhelmed, discouraged, stuck. We let our truest selves go.

I can't tell you how many times this has happened to me. I feel like my seasons of halted creativity last longer than my seasons of harvest, just like it is here in the South where the relentless summer sun starts giving an evil eye to sweet April wildflowers and the calendar says “No, it's still springtime; go away,” (or maybe that's just me). And it lasts well into the days of fall, when Autumn shakes her calico quilts over Maine, New York, the Virginias and the Carolinas. Here, instead, it is dry and hot. Thirsty and brown. Hungry for relief like my creative soul.

How many times have you sat down to write and stared at a blank page for hours? Or tried to recreate that gorgeous wall hanging on Pinterest and the wire keeps breaking, the beads go flying, and your package of needles dumps over into your shag rug? Or when your design project is due and your creative muse feels like a red-faced two-year-old throwing herself screaming on the ground?

Understanding the seasons of our creativity helps us know how to manage our energy and work with our natural rhythms for sweet creative harmony. I've created a simple tool to help! As women, we are blessed with a body that aligns with nature and intuition that can guide and inform us. At any time we could be Moon Woman, who waxes and wanes with cosmic love, or River Woman who flows or rests, depending on her surroundings. We could be any of the archetypes...

A Wild Woman of sacred yes, sacred no, and sacred rebellion...
A Moon Woman, creating, resting, blessing and dwelling in liminal spaces...
A River Woman, lush, deep, fluid and feminine...
A Fire Woman, illuminated, wise, alchemist, inspired...
A Wise Woman, whole, laughing, reveling in creative pleasure, in creation and joy, in a meaningful, creative life she loves...


Throughout your life, each month, and sometimes even through the day, you are the living expression of each archetypal woman. In every case, you can be empowered to recognize, assimilate, and embody your creative rhythms in a way that nourishes and supports your life.

You can begin today! New Moons are invitations to start something new, to plant seeds of your intentions into dark earth, to dream wild, to cast your prayers. It's also a perfect month to begin learning how to recognize your own natural creative rhythms so you can make empowered choices with your energy. This September is a powerful month for intention and new rituals, with two New Moons, a seasonal shift to Autumn, and a beautiful Singing Moon. And I've created a simple moon calendar designed to help you keep track of the rise and flow, the ebb and fall of your creative and embodied energy.

—How to find your own creative rhythms—

First, click the orange button to access and print my free moon journal September calendar. Keep it with your personal journal.

And then, each day this month, I want you to record your energy levels and note anything from your day that stands out … a sugar overload, not enough sleep, you cleaned the whole house and wrote a novel, etc. You want this to be “at a glance,” so keep it simple. You can elaborate in your personal journal if you like.

Carry this practice forward and, over time, you will begin to observe patterns you can use to enhance your life.

Are you on fire the week of the Full Moon? Does your energy sag after the New Moon? If you go to bed after midnight, are you groggy all the next day? When are you most inspired? What primary feeling is dominant through your day? 

I know that I am most innovative in the morning so I try to use my morning time to write or do deep, focused work. The week leading up to the Full Moon, I am on fire and create like a mad woman. If you notice that you tend to hit a creative slump after the Full Moon every month, you can begin creating a schedule that takes this into account and not commit to huge, important deadlines that week. Instead, choose to focus on nourishing practices, like a detox or self-care, and save your launch dates for when you know you will be energized and completely focused. 

This priceless information can help you make empowered choices to support your body, your life, your business, your health, your wellbeing, your family, and your art. It will help you avoid burnout and maintain steady energetic levels. 

With this wisdom, and the support of just a few other sacred, secret tools, you will never be at loss for inspiration again.

Hillary Rain

Let me show you how to design a meaningful, creative life you LOVE.

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