Meet Yourself Halfway

Oh HEY summer!

In California, it got ferociously hot last week. I returned from a Tahoe mountain getaway to a 96 degree afternoon, and since then temperatures have been high. So. Hot.  

In accordance with the weather, I’ve shed lots of layers and loose, lightweight fabrics are where it’s at. This season of skin creates a whole different chapter of relating to our bodies. Once it’s hot out, we shed our skins and lose some of our protection. To be comfortable (which, in my opinion, is the ultimate goal), we might end up wearing things that on some level make us uncomfortable.

The spring-to-summer transition is a time when many women re-evaluate or spend extra time examining certain things, such as our thighs, bellies, and butts. Probably some other parts, too. Conversations about bodies seem to peak during this season, simply because we are spending more time with less clothing.

My latest approach is this: Meet Yourself Halfway. If we’re bumming out on something, chances are good that our inclination will be toward diet change or exercise. And these are good things! However, if they are motivated through body-hate, they carry with them the essence of deprivation and they can be bad for the spirit. Instead of just trying to change our bodies, let’s try this:

Eat well, exercise, and and actively practice loving our bodies.

Our bodies shouldn’t have to do all the work. They shouldn’t have to unreasonably change. And chances are, if we’re already in decent shape (which is different for each of us), our bodies might not even change that much. Maybe our thighs seem imperfect, but they’re actually totally amazing. Same with your butt or your stomach or your arms or whatever. If you eat well and exercise, congratulations. That’s so good. Your body thanks you, your longevity thanks you. Now for the other part: start loving the parts you hate.

Yup. That’s what I said. Sounds crazy, right? How does one even do this? Well, it’s another kind of exercise. If your body is going to the gym and doing yoga and lifting weights, then it’s time to exercise your mind and expand your perspective. Learn how to love the things that you obsess about. You can do this only through diligent practice and through being open to new ideas, which is something you should try to incorporate into your entire life, anyway. Most likely, you’ll need to talk the talk first. Tell yourself “I love my belly” even if you don’t. Say it out loud. Pretend you are someone else who thinks a belly like that is HOT.

It’s a process of creative thinking and of releasing dogmas. In this way, you can achieve maximum hotness because loving yourself and owning your beauty is the ultimate hottest thing ever. It really is. Plus, while you’re working on that, your body has been eating well and exercising and doing the best it can to please you. Why make your body do all the work? It’s not fair.

Meet yourself half way and learn to love the skin you’re in. It’s a whole new mode of training that will kick your butt and transform your life, I promise. 

Sadie Rose


You know how sometimes you just have one of those days? It happens to the best of us. It happens to the best of us even in our best times. One. Of. Those. Days.

I mean, some days are all sunshine and clean air and clean food and yoga and singing to the sky. Some days are really like that, you know? They just roll out all easy and clear, like we were meant for all of this, meant to love and live. (That's because we are, but nevertheless...) Some days aren't like that. Some days start off crooked, with headaches or cloudy brains or sluggish limbs. Some days are endless hours of cravings for white bread, pastries, more pastries, anything sweet. I've even eaten a pack of peanut m&m's for lunch on one of those days because I couldn't muster enough care to really eat something good for me. Those m&m's really hit the spot, though, I tell you what.

I've noticed sometimes we like to grasp wildly for reasons and justifications for the one-of-those-days days. Mercury retrograde. PMS. Not enough sleep. Too much sleep. Sensitivity. The moon and cosmos. And so on and so on. The bottom line, though, is that no matter what happens with us and the world, there will always be those days. It's okay. We don't need to justify them. They happen. Shit happens. But you know what else?

Shift happens.

And then we have better days.

Here is a list of a few things that help me a little bit when I'm having one of those days. I thought I'd share it with you just in case it helps you out sometime.

  1. Surrender - I've found that this is one of the most effective ways to get through these difficult days. As somewhat of a fighter by nature (not physically, just in the way I'm determined to get through stuff), I find myself fighting it hard when I'm having an off day. That gets me nowhere, fast. The day continues on as it will, and if I fight it I fall into all sorts of guilt traps and resistance-stress. I've learned that letting it be what it is makes it flow with more ease and grace, even if it's not always pleasant. My self-conversation with surrender and acceptance is along the lines of "well, there's always tomorrow."
  2. Exercise - Duh. This one's hard, especially when we're feeling blue. But that's when it's most important. It doesn't have to be anything major, but I've found that moving my body can lift the pressure of The Funk up off my shoulders just enough so that new oxygen infiltrates my brain and body and things feel a little different. Stretching on the floor works. Sometimes I just jump rope for a few minutes. I've recently started riding my bike again and that works all sorts of wonders. Even just doing a backbend or some downward dog will help. That upside-down thing really works.
  3. Water - I'm not gonna lie, I have a hard time EATING WELL on these days, and so I focus more on drinking a lot of water rather than stressing about clean food. Higher water intake makes me feel like I'm eating well even if I'm not. That being said, eat well if you can! I'm just being realistic with myself and on these days I sometimes feel like depriving myself of treats would just bring me to tears.
  4. Tears - Speaking of tears, let's cry! Can you cry? Man, sometimes that shit can work wonders. If you need to cry and can't, try reading a super sad passage from a book or watching a tear-jerking chick flick. I'm a fan of cry-aids when needed.
  5. Rest - OMG. I cannot stress this one enough. Rest as much as you can on these days. We all need more rest. It's true. We do a lot of things and rest not as often as maybe we need to. This brings us back to the surrender piece. There will be more time for productivity. You will be forgiven for a day of uselessness. Use the uselessness to invest in yourself and make yourself better for the new day ahead of you. Let your body sleep and rest and let your mind forget the to-do lists, the long lists of impossible tasks. Grant yourself the gift.
  6. Indulge - I think that on these days, a balanced indulgence is important. I could say that by exercising, drinking water, and eating lots of vegetables, you will feel better. But you know what? I'm not sure that's true. I think some days are murky no matter what we do, and so finding the sweet spot of acceptance (without wallowing) is key. For me, allowing myself to indulge in rest, books, movies, or certain foods, can be really helpful getting me through these days. Sometimes things feel hard, and one of our great human blessings is the abundance of ways that we can ease things through pleasure. There's food and sweets, hugs and snugs, sleep and naps, walks in the wilderness, swimming in water, drawing on paper, mixing a bowl of batter. Whatever your simple pleasures are -- the ones that bring light -- use them and let them carry you through to the other side.

Sadie Rose is a writer, designer, and shop owner who lives in Paradise, California. Visit her website here and follow her on Instagram here.


 photo by Shannon Iris

photo by Shannon Iris

Today I'm posting a list of songs that I've been loving lately, and hopefully they'll help you start your Tuesday off right. Maybe you'll even find a gem that you'll want to listen to over and over again.

1. Swing Low by Dust Bowl Revival - I just heard this song recently on our local community radio station and was taken by it right away. What a beautiful rendition of this old tune.

2. Nothing Without Love by Nate Ruess - HAVE YOU HEARD THIS SONG?? I mean, you probably have. It really moves me, though. I don't know, it just gets me. I love so many parts of it, including the lyrics, the rhythm, the piano at the beginning. A beautiful and epic love anthem. I've had it on repeat.

3 & 4. From The Ground Up and Oh Love by Ayla Nereo - I first heard about Ayla Nereo from a friend who showed "Oh Love" to me one summer night by the pool. I'm a sucker for piano and also for awesome babes creating their art. "Oh Love" is probably one of my favorite tunes of hers that I've heard, but then the other night I went to a local movie theater to watch a documentary called Occupy The Farm. Have you heard of it? It was wonderful and inspiring and if you have a chance to watch it, I recommend it. At the end, the song during the credits spoke to me, and lo and behold -- it was Ayla! "From The Ground Up" is that song. Here are both of them for you.

5. Little Moment by Luke Rathborne - I found out about this song because Luke Rathborne is my cousin, first of all. But second of all, this song was played on episode 7 of this season of Hart of Dixie! I'm not sure if you watch that show but I watched seasons 1-3 without stopping on Netflix last year. If you like really really girly things, this might be the show for you. Anyway, our family is super proud of Luke for selling his song to the big guys, but besides that, it's a beautiful song and it speaks to my heart. I love it so much.

6. Emmylou by First Aid Kit - An oldie but goodie! This song just so captures the spirit of The Bohemian Collective and I think I will love it forever. Love these girls. And this song.

I hope you love some of these as much as I do! As you can see I'm a sucker for girly love songs. But come on!? Why not??

If you have any beautiful songs you want to share, please post them on our Facebook page. I want to hear more!!

All the love,

Sadie Rose

Sadie Rose is a writer, designer, and shop owner who lives in Paradise, California. Visit her website here and follow her on Instagram here.


Home can be anywhere for us, really, and it’s different for all of us. As I move further into my years on this planet, I’ve been reflecting on the concept of home, and of rootedness. Relatively speaking, I’ve lived in a lot of places. I left home at 16 for a beautiful boarding school in the deep prairie lands of Colorado, and then after that I began my journey into young adulthood, moving around a lot. Since then, I’ve lived in many different houses, a few different towns, and a couple different states. I’m back in California now, which is where I was born and (mostly) raised, and coming back here felt good, like a homecoming after many years away.

I’ve always been good at creating a home. Home to me is a comfortable space and people I love, and these are both things that I’ve been able to supply for myself in a wide array of places.

Lately I feel myself melting more into the place that I live, the landscape in which I’ve chosen to reside. I think part of this is my age, and I think part of it is me being in the right place. We have so many choices – the world is large. It’s likely that we have friends and families all over the country, and probably even all over the world. Maybe we’ve traveled to places we loved, that spoke to us, that linger in our memories. As children, we likely went to places that informed our beings and our spirits, inspired us to cultivate certain things in our own lives. I know I did, for sure.

I’ve also spent a lot of years imagining where else I’ll go, what other adventures are in store, what places I might live. But now, I’m 32. I have a 10 year-old child. I feel myself settling into the luxury of where I am, the slow simplicity of this perfect slice of the world. We have created a life of slow leisure, of love, of little league, of sunlit afternoons. We have a house that holds us, and beyond our walls we have a home: the pine trees and oak trees, the neighbors, the pool and the creek, the ridge and its sunsets, the highways that take us away and bring us home. There are people we love and routines that feel good. Home is all around us, seeping in through the curtains, pushing up through the dirt.

This morning in particular, I was thinking about this -- about how we become part of our landscape, how we melt into the places we live. In nature, there are multitudes of symbiotic relationships, divine reflections that baffle the scientific mind in their simplistic magic. We are part of this, too, the harmony and symbiosis, the subtle alchemy of elemental fusion. For me, this reflection comes on a sunny morning when the air is still crisp and the light pours in like a thousand memories from my lifetime and my lifeline. We can journey forever, there are so many places to go, but I think home is a choice, and a knowing. If we allow it and if we listen, we will eventually become part of the landscape and the land in which we live; we will move in cycles with what’s around us and our roots will thrive, feeding off our memories and dreams, anchoring us to an unshakeable center.

What do you think? What does home mean for you, and how do you know where it is?

Sadie Rose is a writer, designer, and shop owner who lives in Paradise, California. You can follow her journey on Instagram here.


I'm so happy to share this interview with all of you. Juniper Garza is a friend of mine and also another thread in the fabric of this amazing community of women and creators that we all belong to in this place and time. I chose to share this on the Bohemian Collective because the driving theory behind Beauty Alchemy is self-love, something that is so profoundly important to all of us at this time. For me personally, the message of radical self-love and radical beauty is one that feels like a powerful path to truth and freedom.

  Juniper Garza

Juniper Garza

What is Beauty Alchemy?

Beauty Alchemy is an expression of my integrative skincare practice. I birthed the products and practice as a philosophy of self care = self love= holistically healing ourselves. Vanity is a great inspiration to actually make the changes that create the results we wish to see. Much of the inspiration came from my desire to heal the cause of many skin imbalances, which I believe tend to be mostly emotionally related, rooted in our belief systems as well as dietary choices. After listening to countless women and clients get on my treatment table and say “I hate my skin,” I knew something needed to be done. Being an empathic person, it hurt to hear how many people felt this way, and it translated to “I hate myself.” It's like body dysmorphia for the face, this repetitive negative self talk becomes a very self defeating affirmation. I felt inspired to help them heal their relationships with themselves.

From my studies of mysticism, yoga psychology, and the concept that we create our own reality, I came up with Beauty Alchemy as a catalyst for empowerment. By changing the way that we see ourselves and take care of our bodies, we are allowing for our health and beauty transformations to manifest from the willingness to heal on every level.  There is a great sense of freedom when we realize we have the right to choose how we feel about ourselves.

All the emollient products I create are inspired by ayurvedic principles, using proper oils for your skin type or constitution. The application of my products require some self-massage, which can be a powerful form of nurturing, especially if you incorporate positive affirmations while doing so. Self Massage, or Abyhanga,  is a central practice in ayurvedic philosophy. It is almost revered as the fountain of youth in many ways because it’s an opportunity to use your own hands to affirm your own vitality, get your blood and lymph circulating and tonify the muscles and tissues.  It's the best! 

Can you explain the concept behind holistic beauty?

I’ve been an esthetician for 12 years, and early on in my practice, I realized that in order to obtain real results, there is a lot more that is required of us than just a fancy cream or magic pill. Most of what’s going on with our skin is dietary and emotionally related, and the skin acts as a roadmap to what’s going on with us internally and even psychologically; it reveals a lot about how we feel about ourselves. So I’ve really had to incorporate nutritional and lifestyle consulting in my practice in order for people to see real change in their skin.

Can you talk a little more about self-love and how it shows up in your work?

The self-love aspect of Beauty Alchemy is a true reflection of my own personal journey of learning to love and accept myself and become a confident woman. I actually had the belief that I was ugly as a child. It has taken quite a bit to overcome this and arrive to a place in guiding others through overcoming this kind of self-hatred. I feel this sort of crusader/evangelist drive to empower people because of so much of the oppression we face in society is around how we are expected to look.

A lot of my recommendations to people require a little extra time in the day. I often hear “I don’t have time for that.” I like to remind people that that extra time, that extra five minutes is an opportunity to show up for yourself. The Love Thyself Potion was created as a homeopathic remedy to get yourself in the "mood " to begin your daily self love regime.  It's that go-to formula to begin your day in a positive light. So many people have tons and tons of beauty product and supplements that they don’t actually use. The potion is designed to break though these sort of resistances we can face daily.

In addition to your product line, I know that you give facials and Reiki treatments as well. I know this because I’ve had a treatment from you before and it was an amazing experience. What treatments do you currently offer in your practice?

I offer holistic facials which include all organic products, some of which I make myself. Everything I choose is sourced with high integrity, fair trade, sustainable practices. I am also a Reiki practitioner and so incorporate this into my treatments and facials. What I’ve noticed so often is that by relaxing  the facial muscles and feeling good or happy is what makes us look more beautiful. 

We process so much in our brain, and our face really reflects a lot of what’s going on from our minds. there are a lot of us walking around with overworked adrenals and frazzled nervous systems. My goal in a facial treatment is to rehydrate and balance skin as well as to relax people into a state of contentment, which is our natural state of being. if we can achieve homeostasis we are golden. I'm working on that.

What is something you do for yourself when you feel like you need self-love and relaxation?

I incorporate my self-love practice into my schedule and treat it as though it were a job. I feel like it’s really important for me to practice what I preach. What I’ve noticed is that one of the most effective beauty weapons is meditation – my own meditation practice has actually begun to soften the lines between my eyes. Meditation is Free Botox!  I’m also a huge advocate of bath rituals. I add special salts and essential oils, light candles throw in some rose petals, sip lemon water, It makes me feel like a Queen. 

Juniper Garza is a holistic esthetician and herbalist based in Los Angeles. You can follow her on Instagram or Facebook.

Sadie Rose is a writer, designer, and shop owner who lives in Paradise, California. Learn more about her here and follow her on Instagram here.


Depending on where you live, it might be starting to feel a lot like spring. In California, it's here for sure. The sun is shining and wildflowers are beginning to cover the hills and valleys. Flowering trees are in full bloom, their branches heavy with white, pink or purple blossoms. The hills where I live are bright green with grass, which is always a precious moment before the lands turn to golden brown with the heat of the summer. 

This month brings us the spring equinox in a couple weeks in conjunction with the new moon. You know what that means? Time for spring cleaning. This is a great time to clean up your space, both literally and metaphysically. If you haven't already started instinctively, these next two weeks are the perfect time to make it happen. 

Here are a few sweet tips to get you started and inspired.

  1. Clean your house - I know I say this every season, but that's because it's really important. Clean up your space so that the old energy can clear out and the new dawn can seep in. Pay special attention to places you don't clean very often, like windowsills, closets, odd corners, etc.
  2. Move stuff around - Lift things up, relocate things, re-organize your storage places or drawers. By moving stuff around, it becomes more obvious as to what we need and what we don't need, and also as to what's helping us or hindering us. Do you really need that collection of empty jars? Is that stack of magazines really working for you right there?
  3. Breathe deeper and do it outside - An important part of acclimating our spirits to seasonal change is connecting our bodies to what's going on. The body is the messenger for stuff like this, and a great way to receive the messages easier and faster is to go outside. Whether you live in a city or the mountains, in the hills or at the beach, nature is sending signals that springtime is coming and that things are shifting. Get out there and soak it up so that your cells can line up with the world around you.
  4. Set goals - Spring is a great time to look ahead and let go of what's behind you. A sure-fire way to do this is to focus on what you want to create by writing down visions and goals for yourself. Just the act of doing this will move things forward and free you up from any stuff that might be weighing you down in your proverbial backpack.
  5. Laugh a lot - Laughter really is the best medicine. It gets you unstuck, creates joy for you and people around you, and it reminds your inner-self that there's a lot of light at your fingertips. Work actively to create situations for yourself where laughter flows easily.
  6. Try something new - did you know that doing something new is one of the best ways to ignite profound creativity? By trying something completely new, you might blow your own mind.

Above all, enjoy this fresh season of newness, and may the beauty around you remind you of all the beauty within you, as well.

All the love,

Sadie Rose


Sadie Rose is a writer, designer, and shop owner who lives in Paradise, California. Learn more about her here and follow her on Instagram here.