A Radiant Act

A Radiant Act by Stephanie Perkinson for the Boho Collective

Sometimes I get really lost. I get caught up in all the things. Insight slips through my fingers and life feels hazy and heavy. 

Want to know what brings me back? Radiant acts. Radiant acts are my trail of breadcrumbs. Leading me back to a space where I can begin again. As many times as it takes. 

A Radiant Act by Stephanie Perkinson for the Boho Collective

Radiant acts aren't always easy. Sometimes it's not just buying yourself flowers or lighting a candle and taking a bath. It's making the choice to talk to a doctor about your anxiety or removing yourself from a toxic environment that some of your friends hang out in. 

Radiant acts are finding the tiny rainbows the day hands you and concentrating on that instead of all the hard stuff. It's remembering that agreeing and loving don't always need to be a packaged deal.

Radiant acts can also be given. This might look like a  gift certificate to get a massage or a conversation with another. One who truly gets you and sees you and hears you and gives you what you really needed ..."permission" she whispered. 

Sometimes radiant acts are literally a chore. Doing the damn laundry or cleaning the home office because the weight of not doing is too heavy to carry for one second more. It can be a picking between take out or home cooked and knowing that the one you go with is the perfect choice.

Radiant acts can be planned and scheduled like date nights or vacations but they can also be spontaneous like playing hooky or jumping in the water with all your clothes on OR with nothing at all.

A Radiant Act by Stephanie Perkinson for the Boho Collective

Your radiant act might take your breath away with fear as you step through a doorway into unfamiliar territory. Radiant acts help you tap into your power and that can be a little unnerving when it starts showing up. You might look in the mirror one day and not recognize the fierce and bold woman looking you straight in the eyes.

Over time radiant acts can lead us back home but they can also guide us into the future we've been craving. There is a certain freedom that you gain when you start showing up at the table with radiance. You may find that you have a lot to teach and still a lot more to learn. Sometimes you may not even know that the choice you have made was a radiant act until much later down the road. That's ok too, there is no right or wrong way to radiance.

So my love,  are you ready for your own trail of breadcrumbs? Where will it lead you? What does it look like? Share your radiance with us.

XO, Stephanie

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When Permission feels like Failure by Stephanie Perkinson for the Boho Collective

It's funny when life seems to run in themes.

This happens to you too, right? The same mirror is held up to us over and over. It soon becomes impossible to ignore, that necessary work of actually looking and absorbing the message. 

For me, the last few weeks has been all about permission, giving it and receiving it. Friends, family, clients. Everywhere I turn, it's there.

Permission to let her be human.
Permission to let go of all the clothes you bought but never wore.
Permission to buy the packaged granola bars instead of making them yourself.
Permission to buy takeout as much as you need right now.
Permission to rest when weary.
Permission to ask a little bit more of those around you.
Permission to let a secret or two slip out.
Permission to chase joy and nothing else.
Permission to say what you mean.

Take a minute and think about your relationship with permission.

What does the word mean to you? Does it feel like an excuse? Like laziness? Like giving up? Like failure? Like complacency? Like undeserved justification?

What if it meant approval, a blessing, freedom, empowerment, acceptance or approval? Those are beautiful things, my love. Isn't that what we are all seeking? From others? From ourselves? 

Think about how you feel inside permission when someone else grants it to you. You breathe easier, your shoulders soften, space is opened up where is once felt so crowded and uncomfortable. It's ok to desire those things. It's ok to seek permission from others sometimes. You don't always have to go it alone. Giving ourselves permission isn't really a gift when it's wrapped in guilt. Sometimes, it's only when it's from the lips of another, that we can actually sink into the goodness that comes from that offering. It truly is a blessing to have someone in your life who can see you so fully, in your striving and your struggling. 

The end goal though...that's the one that is the most powerful. The end goal is when you can begin to look in the mirror and truly give YOURSELF permission to take what you need. That is when the magic happens. That is when the gifts you grant yourself start to ripple out and effect those around you.  Seeing someone else give themselves permission allows others to start doing the same. Make ripples my love.

 Permission is most definitely not failure and there is no shame is receiving.

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Shots of Love by Stephanie Perksinon for The Boho Collective

I'm a romantic at heart.

I love hearts and flowers and love notes and subtle shades of pink. 
I also struggle a little in the winter. There is only so much that Vit D, citrus fruit and sunny spots on the couch can do to lift your mood. Around this time of year I'm usually declaring that I'm down with winter knowing full well that we have a few more months to go here in the Northeast. Lately I've been feeling like a sloth and I need a little motivation to get my mojo back. So I'm declaring this month is going to be "Love Month". 

This isn't just about Valentine's day. Don't get me wrong, I love my chocolates and hearts and sweet cards but I want to take it a few steps further, beyond just one day. I want to infuse my life and home with little shots of love for the whole month. A yummy garland here, a little sparkle there and making time to love my body or treat others in ways I don't normally do. 

I'm gathering up ideas:
Time in an infrared sauna
Booking a massage or facial
Send a love text to one person I adore a day
Buy a few special peeps some random gifts and send them on out just for fun
Actually buy some of that pretty makeup I keep pinning
Hot, calming baths with sea salt and magnesium flakes
Plan a week of really delicious and deeply nourishing meals
Get a manicure
Force some bulbs
Light a candle and send some prayers out to those who need it
Find a new perfume
Meditate with some rose quartz
Bring some hints of fun color inside (garland tutorial below)

Faux Flower Garland
You'll need:
Thread and needle
5-10 bunches of fake flowers (I found mine at the dollar store)

Simply pop the flower heads off their stems and string them through the fabric part of the flower right above the plastic base. I like the way the garland looks when there are lots of flowers squished together. Once your all done with that, make sure there is a enough thread on both ends to secure the garland where you want to drape it. 

Instant infusion of happiness!


Flower Garland DIY by Stephanie Perkinson for the Boho collective
Faux Flower Garland DIY by Stephanie Perkinson for the Boho Collective
Faux Flower Garland DIY by Stephanie Perkinson for the Boho Collective

I love the idea of filling my month with as much love and beauty as I can muster. Simple stuff, nothing crazy. I read somewhere that people who plan and have something to look forward to are in general happier people. I think this is just the ticket to get me (and you) through the tail end of winter. 

Happy Friday Boho Beauties!
Xo, Stephanie

Stephanie is a certified holistic health councilor who helps other women reclaim what they have lost and supports them as they heal their relationship with themselves, beginning with the food on their plate and the space in their homes. Want to learn more?

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No More Punishment by Stephanie Perkinson for the Boho Collective

It was 0 out yesterday. With a windchill of -25. For real. 
The ocean down the street was literally steaming because it was so much warmer than the air. I tried to take a picture but my phone died as soon as I whipped it out of my pocket. So here's a picture of my feet instead. 

I digress, so it was 0. And I was cold. I has run outside in my sweater to go turn the car on so it could warm up while I got ready to go. I ran back into the house and my whole body was freezing. Hands numb. So I put another layer on, along with my coat and hat and mittens. Then I began to run in place. Faster and faster until I was going so fast I started laughing. It felt...playful. The stuff on the shelves were shaking. I kept going until my legs were burning and I felt the warmth in my core radiating out to my fingers. If anyone had seen me they probably would have thought I was crazy. 

While I was running in place I had memories of elementary school. Leaning back and pumping my legs to I could swing higher and higher. Borrowing my friends "Skip-it" was my jam. Jump roping.  I loved jumping rope, I remembering feeling like I could do it forever.  I wondered how long I could jump rope now. Suddenly, my brain was flooding with memory after memory of how I used to move.  How I loved to run because it made me feel like the cheetah girl in Thundercats. How my pink banana seat bike transformed into my chariot as I raced down the sidewalk. How I loved to build forts with giant fallen sticks in the woods and swim all day long.  

When did moving stop becoming fun? 
When did it turn into punishment?
Why did it feel like such a chore now?
How old was I when it all changed?
What happened?

When I was 7 or 8 or 9 I didn't wake up in the morning and say to myself..."Steph, you better log in at least 30 minutes of jump roping so it will count". Count for what? It made me sad and angry at the same time. How much time have I wasted as a teenager and an adult thinking movement was punishment. That in order to be forgiven I needed to pay penance in the form of running when I didn't want to run. Staying on the elipticle even though I was bored to tears. Lifting the weights over and over, doing sit-ups until I couldn't breathe and swimming the laps because it was never going to be enough to make up for the fact that my thighs still. rub. together.

Seriously. What the fuck?

As soon as I stopped running in place like a maniac in my living room all I could think about was...I WANT THAT BACK. That freedom I felt as a child to just move in whatever way that feels good. For however long it feels good to move like that.  There will be no more prescribed daily movement unless I want it. It won't be to get my heart rate up or because I'm setting goals. No more something I check off on my to-do list. No more making it about weight loss. No more wondering if what I did was good enough. No more "if I'm not sweating and straining, it doesn't count".

New rule: If I'm not smiling, at least on the inside then I'm not doing it. I can't 

I was not put on this earth to punish myself like this (neither were you). For so long I've had these totally bullshit ideas about exercise and it's really messed me up. It's taken away so much joy that could have been. I never thought running in place could help me finally release years of pain and disappointment in myself. It made room for some much needed forgiveness.

You know, it's kinda scary writing this all out to you. It's hard to trust that I'm going to like the outcome. I wonder how long it will take to fully heal my relationship with movement. I worry that it will take too long. I wonder if I'll go back to my old thinking. That it won't ever be right. That it's a strange duality to be sharing this while simultaneously coaching amazing women back to center in there own lives. I'm learning that it's ok to learn and teach at the same time. It can't all be candlelight and rose petal tea. If there was one resolution I did make this year, it's to stop worrying so damn much about what others are going to think and allow myself to not only submerge into my truth but talk about it too. 

Happy New Year loves. It's gonna be a good one. I can feel it. Also, I love you. 
XO, Stephanie

Stephanie Perkinson for the Boho Collective

Stephanie is a certified holistic health councilor who helps other women reclaim what they have lost and supports them as they heal their relationship with themselves, beginning with the food on their plate and the space in their homes. Want to learn more?

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Cold Cure by Stephanie Perkinson for the Boho Collective

It's bound to happen

Desipe your best efforts at staying healthy you fall pray to some icky bug. You're hot, you're cold, you're sneezing, you're coughing, it aches to walk up stairs and 7pm rolls around and it feels like midnight. You might keep saying "it's not that bad, I'm not THAT sick". You keep going, pushing and crash. Here are some ideas that will help get you through that you may not have thought about. 

1) Don't Deny it.
The sooner you can begin addressing the issue the better (even if you don't want to believe it). Keep taking your vitamins, sipping on green juice (make them ahead, if you think you are on your way to down and out) and getting your vitamin D3 in. Echinacea, elderberry syrup, hot showers, baths with magnesium flakes, astragalus tincture, garlic mullein oil, whatever your favorite is, start using it. Go to bed early and see if you can streamline your to-do list to the bare minimum. 

2) Essential oils really do work.
Choose the really good stuff. I personally use doTERRA but Young Living is fantastic as well. You'll want to fill a roller ball applicator with the following blend:

10 drops Oregano (anti-viral and anti-biotic properties)
12 drops On Guard (anti-viral properties)
12 drops Melaleuca (antiseptic and helps the other oils in the blend do their job)
16 drop Lemon (natural disinfectant)
5 drops Peppermint (ease your tummy)
Fill the rest of the roller ball with fractionated coconut oil or some other carrier oil. Apply to the spine and/or soles of the feet every 3 hours. 

*I have started adding doTERRA's Arborvitae oil (DO NOT take internally) to this mix as well since it's an amazing form of protection against seasonal threats, promotes healthy cell function and is a powerful cleansing and purifying agent.

Alternatively, if you are comfortable taking them internally and you are using certified therapeutic grade oils use this blend in a empty gel capsule:
3-4 drops Oregano
3 drops Meleleuca
3 drops On Guard
3 drops Lemon
3 drops Frankincense
1 drop Peppermint

*If it does not all fit in once capsule make 2. You can't makes these ahead of time, as the oils will dissolve the gelatin capsule. You can also add a drop or two of Black Pepper oil if you have it, as it's a strong anti-viral.

3) Keep it hot
Liquids are good thing and there is nothing wrong with having several cups and mugs going as the same time. My favorite "sickie soups" are matzo ball (Wholes Foods makes a yummy version) and miso and I have no problem having them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Bone broth is fantastic if you have it on hand, but I'm assuming that if you are already making your own bone broth you know what's up. Spices are the bomb and help to break up mucus. Make some eggs and top them with a spicy Indian chutney or salsa. Add a pinch of cayenne to some hot tea with lemon. 

4) Double up
Speaking of tea, make each sip and trip to the kitchen worth your while. Grab some herbal tea that supports a weakened immune system or a defunt respiratory system. Throw two bags into the mug at once, my favorite right now is Traditional Medicinals Seasonal Sampler teas and Rishi's Turmeric-Ginger blend. Let it steep 10 minutes of more and then sip freely. You could also make a BIG pot of tea. Store it in mason jars in the fridge and microwave it as needed. When it hurts to stand up, I'm not above microwaving anything.

5) Eat what appeals to you.
Just because mom made toast and jello for you when you weren't feeling well does not mean that's what you're supposed to eat. What do you REALLY want? Eat whatever appeals to you, seriously. There is a reason you are craving that thing. I remember being really sick one time and all I wanted was a boiled diner (this is never something I want): Corned beef, cabbage, carrots and potatoes. I wanted ALL the mustard. What I was really craving was salt but I went with it and it was all sorts of good and made me feel so much better and gave me a boost of nutrients.

6) Embrace the duality.
Just because you believe in the power of herbs, essentials oils and homeopathy is your spirit animal doesn't mean you need to forsake all forms of Western medicine. Give yourself a break.
The thing you need most is sleep and rest. If Afrin and Advil are going to get you there, don't feel bad. You're still a boho goddess that values connection with the earth. There is nothing wrong with holding space for both in your life. Duality my friends, is a beautiful thing. 

Being sick sucks and I'm hoping this little "hang in there" guide helps you out this season. Let us know in the comments what your tried and true boho cold cures are. Happy Friday loves! 

XO, Stephanie

Deeply Rooted Winter Cleanse with Wellness by Design

Did you know that seasonal cleansing can help boost the immune system? 

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5 ways to get deeply rooted for the holidays by Stephanie Perkinson


1) Slow it down.

Despite popular belief, you have the power to dictate when the holidays happen for you. It’s totally acceptable to want to pace yourself. Everything doesn’t have to be done at once. It’s all about savoring the joy of the season in bite-sized chunks. Make this season like the best spread of appetizers ever. What will be on the menu this year?

2) Use your hands.

There is something pretty fantastic about getting your hands dirty for the ones you love. Crafting not your thing? Take a breath, smile and skip the handknit mittens in favor of a handwritten note to your best friend instead.

5 ways to get deeply rooted for the holidays by Stephanie Perkinson

3) Bring the outdoors in.

There is nothing that makes you appreciate the season more than inviting Mother Nature in for a bit. It allows us to connect deeper to the world beyond our wallets and expand our vision. Ignore the pressure to decorate every corner of your home. A beautiful vase with some greenery and red berries tucked in can instantly cozy up your sacred space. Less is more.

4) Nourish yourself.

Yup, it’s that time of year when we are all asked to not be thinking too much about ourselves. I think that’s a beautiful thing but not when you begin to feel rundown and depleted. I invite you to check in with yourself, what do you really need in this moment? Perhaps it’s skipping the office party in favor of sinking into a hot tub or remember to throw something yummy in the slow cooker so you have a home-cooked and grounding meal instead of takeout tonight.  

5) Do it your way.

Just because it looks a certain way in the movies or at a friends home doesn’t mean it has to look that way at yours. Do what makes you and your loved ones glow. Create new traditions that nourish your spirits and allow you to sink roots right where you are. The holidays season is all about joy and creating special memories and moments that you’ll carry in your heart in the new year. Do it your way and shine.

XO, Stephanie

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