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A collection of bohemian lifestyle inspiration.


The Bohemian Collective is a gathering of creative free spirits who believe in the power of sisterhood + the stories of women living authentic + intentional lives. We are here to bring a voice to the makers + dreamers, giving them a platform + community to share their creative visions.

We are the women rising into our own + lifting up our sisters alongside us, cultivating a community for the unconventional. We hope to share women’s sacred stories, weaving together our roots of humanity through the creative spirit.



Laura Mazurek // Founder + Gatherer of Creatives


Krista Sartin // Co-creator + Kantha Mama


Laura founded the Bohemian Collective in 2011 as a blog platform for sharing her love of all things bohemian. It evolved over the years + in 2014 she released the Bohemian Collective Magazine, a seasonal print + digital publication focusing on free spirit adornment, sacred nesting + soulful living. After the 3rd issue was released, she became pregnant with her first child + most of her creative adventures went under the earth as she took on a new role in life. Now after almost 4 years, the seedlings of her old creations are beginning to bud again with the nudge from her dear friend Krista.

Krista is a mama of 5 + small shop owner featuring all things Kantha. Their friendship grew over the undeniable love of Kantha + the incredible plant magic of essential oils. Through a serendipitous string of conversations, the idea of bringing the magazine back into the world was born, but this time through a partnership of like minded visions. Together they are birthing a re-visioned version of the Bohemian Collective magazine, filled with beautiful bohemian adornments for body + home, sacred stories of women + mama’s through their creative journeys, the magical goodness of poetic tongues + the spirit of all things mystical. They are wholeheartedly thrilled to bring the opportunity for so many creatives + makers to share their visions with the world. They are hoping to be the campfire that gathers everyone together in spirit.